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Please note, these stories are for information only.

Our Integrated Community Care Teams are making a difference!

Please note, as the patient withdrew from interview this information has been provided by the Locala colleague who identified the story and a pseudonym has been used. The information below has been shared internally and on the Locala website.

Our Integrated Community Care Teams are making a difference!

We’re delighted to share this success story of how Spenborough Integrated Community Care Team (ICCT) has made a difference to a patient’s life through the new, joined up ways of working….

“When Sandra was first referred to the Spenborough ICCT, she was at risk of falling, low in mood, eating very little and was struggling to manage safely at home. Once she’d been assessed by the community nurse, Sandra was provided with a walking frame to help prevent her from falling and a daily care package to assist her with her meals. The following day, Sandra had a Keysafe fitted and within a week she had been assessed by a Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist. This resulted in an extra stair rail and grab rails being fitted in Sandra’s home, to maintain her safety using the stairs.

At Sandra’s follow up assessment - just two weeks later - the community nurse met with a changed woman. Sandra, now upbeat and smiling, said she felt much safer in her home as a result of the grab rails and Keysafe being fitted and is enjoying meals prepared twice daily by her carers. Sandra is now able to do much more for herself due to the support and equipment she has received and would like to continue her care calls with the help of Age UK, who will be supporting her to complete an allowance claim to fund the visits. The availability of the unplanned team and joint working by a range of different professionals meant that Sandra’s health, social and therapy needs were assessed within 24 hours and support was delivered quickly, resulting in a remarkable change to the patient’s health and wellbeing in just two weeks.”

Well done Spenborough ICCT for making a huge difference!

Locala-Connect Housing health and wellbeing pilot success

Please note, Michael has given permission for his story to be shared internally, on the Locala website, with the commissioners and the local media.

Locala-Connect Housing health and wellbeing pilot success

Local NHS community healthcare provider, Locala Community Partnerships and charitable housing and support provider, Connect Housing, have joined forces to help improve the health and wellbeing of people with complex health conditions in the Batley and Spen Valley area.

Michael Crowther, 63, of Dewsbury, is one of 32 people to be referred to the project since September 2015. He has received outstanding support as part of the joint Locala-Connect Housing health and wellbeing pilot and has been motivated to change his life.

Michael has a number of long term health problems including Osteoarthritis and uncontrollable muscle contractions in his neck, both of which cause him severe pain. He also suffers from depression, frequent falls and sleeping problems.

Following his referral to Ann Cooper, Health and Wellbeing Support Worker for the Locala-Connect Housing pilot, Michael was provided with counselling and emotional support for his pain, sleeping problems and depression. He now has a stair lift, perching stools and grab rails to help prevent falls, Anne also helped with his Blue Badge and Personal Independence Payment applications and supplied information about support groups and travel companions.

Already Michael’s sleeping patterns and mood have improved and he has a greater awareness of the impact of negative thinking on his mental health. Grab rails and perching stools have reduced his falls and he is now able to make informed choices about meal services and house repairs. 

As a result of Ann’s support, Michael is able to live independently in his own home and his health and wellbeing continues to improve. Once a keen gardener, Michael has been inspired to pursue this former interest and is now growing courgettes, cucumbers and tomatoes.  A new walking aid and the Blue Badge have also given Michael and his wife the confidence to go on day trips to new places and for breaks to their caravan, something they were previously too afraid to do.

Said Michael: ‘Ann kept me going and motivated me with different techniques and positive behavioural therapy. It was nice to have someone who cared. Ann was supportive and reassuring and I now have the confidence to go out and collect my own medicines. I feel able to manage more which is why Ann encouraged me to take up gardening again. Ann’s support has been really valuable.”

Michael’s wife added: “Ann was a godsend, she really went the extra mile. Michael struggles to open up to people but he really opened up to Ann, she got to know him and his little ways. Without Ann we would have been isolated, I don’t know what would have happened.”

Jane Parojcic, District Nurse Team Leader said: “It's great to hear about Michael's journey as a result of this project with Connect Housing. We're keen to encourage our patients to manage their healthcare wherever possible, and maximise their independence. There is so much they can do if they have the confidence, knowing our teams are still there for them if needed.”                                                                                  

Simon Calland, Wellbeing Services Manager for Connect Housing said: “This is a fantastic story which demonstrates the positive outcomes that can be achieved for people with long term conditions living in communities where there is a coordinated and collaborative relationship between health and housing. It is great to see that through the support provided Michael’s confidence and independence have risen and he is getting out and about and enjoying life.”

Anyone with a long term health condition or disability, who receives care from community health teams and are at risk of needing increased levels of health care, can be referred by a health professional to the project, which will run until September 2016.

In October, Locala - which provides NHS community healthcare services in Kirklees, Calderdale and Bradford – was awarded the Care Closer to Home five year contract, to provide community health in Kirklees. As part of this new model of care, Locala is working with organisations like Connect Housing, to improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people in Kirklees and maximise their independence.

Alan is #i4independent!

Please note, Alan has given permission for his story to be shared internally, on the Locala website and with the commissioners.

Alan has NOT given permission for his story to be shared with the local media, or to be used by the commissioners for their own communications.

Alan is #i4independent!

Kirklees community healthcare provider, Locala Community Partnerships’ Therapies and Continence Teams have made a huge difference to a 63 year old patient, helping him to live independently with Parkinson’s Disease.

Alan Nicholson, of Dewsbury, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2005. His mother suffered from the same disease for 24 years, so he recognised his symptoms before he was even diagnosed. Alan used to take her to the Jubilee Rehab Centre based at Eddercliffe Health Centre in Liversedge so when he was offered a place there he was pleased to accept. Alan has been attending the Jubilee Centre for four years and believes the independence he has is due to the support provided there.

Before he went for rehab Alan found it difficult to get dressed, cook, clean and drive. Once attending the Jubilee Centre, he was treated for his ‘frozen’ shoulder and spine, which needed re-aligning. Within just three weeks Alan had noticed a big difference when walking and getting out of bed. Doing gentle exercises plus relaxation techniques at the Centre have also brought an improvement in Alan’s mobility and he is now able to carry out day-to-day jobs more easily, such as lifting items off shelves to cook and clean and driving to the supermarket.

Alan is able to follow an exercise programme at home which involves chair based exercise, holding onto the kitchen worktop and pretending his arms are the hands of a ticking clock. He has also improved his dexterity through playing Jenga, writing exercises and working with modelling clay. Grab rails and the removal of trip hazards and safety flooring have reduced Alan’s falls and their severity.

Alan enjoys socialising with members of the Jubilee Centre group and believes his wellbeing has improved as a result of his attendance. He says “the Centre has introduced me to new friends and we all have a shared understanding. I feel much happier in myself; all I have to do is see the team at Eddercliffe and it brightens my day.”

This year Locala -  which provides NHS community healthcare services in Kirklees, Calderdale and Bradford - created a Twitter campaign called #i4independence, to promote a serious healthcare issue – supporting people to live more independently in their own homes. Alan is our first #i4independence patient and was only too pleased to help support the campaign.

Said Alan: “The Jubilee team have helped me with my balance, walking, posture and confidence and as a result have extended my mobility by three years, if not more. I don’t think I would be working now if it hadn’t been for their support. I just get on and do what I can and knowing all of the professionals are there for me makes me feel more secure. I feel comfortable around the team, they always listen to me and really go the extra mile. Everything they have done has made a difference to me. Though my condition is deteriorating they have kept me mobile and for that I can’t thank the team enough.”

Rachel Galloway, Team Leader and Senior Physiotherapist for the Jubilee Rehabilitation Team said: “We are really pleased that Alan has taken part in the #i4independence campaign and is helping to raise awareness. We are keen to encourage patients to manage their healthcare and live more independently in their own homes. Alan has achieved so much over the past four years and we will continue to support him to maximise his independence.”

Integrated working between specialist clinicians within Locala’s adult services also meant that Alan was referred to a Continence clinic by the Jubilee team within three months. He said: “The contribution of both teams has been invaluable. The Continence team couldn’t have been kinder. I felt like I was like talking to a friend.”

Last year, Locala was awarded the Care Closer to Home five year contract, to provide community healthcare services in Kirklees. As part of this new model of care, Locala encourages patients to maximise their independence, to promote independent living and wellbeing.