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North Kirklees Podiatry now available on S1 e-referral

As you may already know Locala’s Podiatry service in Greater Huddersfield CCG is available via e-referral. From 1 August this will also be available in North Kirklees. This will allow patients to choose their initial Podiatry clinic appointment. The appointment can be booked with you at the point of referral, or later at home on the phone or online.

What is the NHS e-Referral Service?

The NHS e-Referral Service (previously known as Choose and Book) is a national electronic referral service that allows you to choose the place, time and date for your first outpatient appointment. You can find out more about the service at

This is a joint message from SWYPFT and Locala to Kirklees GP practices which we hope will help support the referral process.

Prior to the transfer of the Elderly Mental Health Services referral process into the Locala Single Point of Contact (i.e. before 1 August 2016) it wasn’t possible to refer via SystmOne as that system isn’t compatible with Rio, the electronic patient record system used by South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SWYPFT).

All GP practices, whether generally using SystmOne or EMIS, had to make such referrals via paper and fax.

Since 1 August we haven’t created ‘extra’ work within the referral process; we have replaced the paper and fax process with an electronic one via the Locala website.

We understand that for GP practices that use SystmOne it would be more convenient if they could also task/refer into Elderly Mental Health Services through SystmOne. However that won’t be possible until work has been done nationally on SystmOne and Rio to allow inter-referrals.

To make an e-referral into Elderly Mental Health Services please go to

There you will find separate links for EMIS and SystmOne users to these forms. (SystmOne users do not need to input a code)

If you have any queries relating to the forms please call the Locala Single Point of Contact 

0300 304 5555

We have worked out that based on the total number of referrals expected from primary care, this averages out at no more than 1 or 2 referrals per month per practice even for the large practices.

Locala eReferrals

For SystmOne Practices, scroll down the page.

For Non-SystmOne Practices see below -


Follow this link - You will see the image below:


You will be required to log in:

Username: Your practice code e.g. B12345

Password: 633629933

You will then see all the referral forms. Select the appropriate form, complete all the of the boxes and click submit. The referral will then be sent securely to the service via

For SystmOne Practices

On your clinical tree you will have a template called Locala e-Referrals, right click on the template and click Locala e-Referrals.

(If you don’t have this on your clinical tree, please tell us).

The template shown below opens.  Please follow the instructions:

1.      Click this option to complete the referral document

2.      Create a share to the service


If the open referrals inbox shows an existing referral to the service then go straight to 3a and complete a task to the service – ensure you select the appropriate SPC urgency time in the task type box.

If this box doesn’t show an existing referral to the service go to 3b and complete the referral to the service.

Once completed click OK and the referral is then sent to the relevant service.

Locala MSK e-Referrals

The process for E-referrals has been updated for the Locala MSK service in North Kirklees. please now refer to the Locala MSK service using the SystmOne Locala E-Referrals dashboard. Please see the screenshot below.