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Welcome to our micro website, providing your GP Practice with key relevant information about Locala services. We've started by focusing on Care Closer to Home but we'll add information on other services such as Childrens services in due course. You'll find information about how CC2H works and a growing range of performance information so you'll know how we're doing. By clicking on your Practice name on the left hand side you'll find all our relevant contact details - specific to your practice.

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06/03/2019 194 days ago

From Monday (11th March) Thriving Kirklees is launching a new way for young people to get advice...

Care Closer to Home – an update from Locala

06/03/2019 194 days ago

Developments and improvements continue to happen three years into the Care Closer to Home contract....

Care Closer to Home delivery model

The Care Closer to Home contract is a new approach in that it commissions a set of outcomes for the population rather than specific services. Within the specifications developed by each CCG, there are a defined set of functions/aspects of the model Locala is required to provide in conjunction with partners. This document sets out the functions and services in scope as well as an outline description of the Locala model. Please feel free to contact Locala via your Locality ICCT Manager if your require any further information.

Below is a video description of the Care Closer to Home model. A detailed explanation can be found here.

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