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Below you will find a link to the latest Greater Huddersfield GP Data for Care Closer to Home services. This is a downloadable excel spreadsheet which has been broken down into tabs for easier navigation.

Greater Huddersfield General Practitioner Data - CC2H Services (.XLSX)

Please see below some early examples of the performance information we are monitoring as part of ‘Care Closer to Home’. They are only a few of a much wider range of indicators that will provide a wealth of understanding about the difference CC2H is making. Many are still under development but here are a few for starters! You’ll note they are not all telling a positive story at the moment…we want to be open and honest about that! It is important to add that a Remedial Plan is now in place to improve performance within our new Single Point of Contact and Locality Teams are working to address other areas of improvement too.

Function KPI June-16 Target Comments
Access, Screening and Triage Calls answered within 90 seconds by Single Point of Contact 76.1% 80% Achieved the 80% target in the Remedial action plan set for June in the week commencing 09.05.2016
Access, Screening and Triage Time between contacts with SPOC to input from service 81.1% 80%
Longer Term Care Patients who die in their documented place of choice 66.7% 45%
Complex Case Management GOMP's are activated 88.7% 100%
Supported Transfer Patients have patient held jointly agreed GOMPs on arrival home 97.9% 90%
Specialist Input Children's Therapies - Assessments and Intervention commence within 18 weeks 100% 95%