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Don't miss the opportunity to get up to £1,000 for your community group! Up to £5,000 is available twice a year in grants of £100 - £1000. Locala Community Partnerships CIC is a social enterprise providing NHS community health care. We want to invest in your community because it's our community too.

Locala Community Partnerships, the community interest company (CIC) which provides NHS community healthcare services in and around Kirklees, is once again inviting local community, not-for-profit and charity groups to apply for grants of between £100 and £1,000. Small groups (not local branches of national charities) again have the chance to secure funding.

As a CIC, which is a type of social enterprise, Locala gives back to its community and ploughs any surplus back into developing its services or supporting local groups.

Locala is a membership organisation and employee and community members vote for the submitted projects that they think are most deserving of financial support. The Locala Members’ Council then awards a grant to each of these projects, which may, or may not be the full amount detailed in the application.

Locala Board Chair, Diane McKerracher said: “As well as providing health and care services for communities, our role as type of social enterprise means we can support those communities in other ways. Our Community Fund gives us the opportunity to be directly involved with some great projects that support the health and wellbeing of local people.”

Applications for the Community Fund will begin on 29th January and the deadline for applications is at noon on 5th March. Forms can be submitted by email to: membership@locala.org.uk or by post to:

Locala Community Partnerships
1st Floor
Beckside Court
286 Bradford Road
WF17 5PW

Applications are now closed

Who can apply?

The Locala Community Fund can award between £100 and £1,000 to groups that:

  • Are Local, not-for-profit community or voluntary organisations (not branches of national charities) with a project proposal that will provide long-term benefits to the local community.
  • Have been in existence for at least one year
  • Have an annual income of less than £30,000 and can provide evidence of the organisation's annual accounts for 2015/2016 or 2016. If you do not have a copy of your annual accounts, an income and expenditure document for your last year will be required.
  • Have a written constitution or governing documents as evidence that you are not-for-profit community/voluntary organisation.
  • Are led by volunteers
  • Have a named bank account and can provide a bank statement featuring the organisation's name/account details.

  • Have a safeguarding policy

How the fund works

  • Up to £5,000 is available for donations of up to £1000 twice a year
  • Applications can be sent by e-mail, post or submitted online
  • Once all applications have been received, Locala Members and Locala Members' Council will review the applications and allocate funds to those projects that provide the most long-term benefits to the local community and inspire them the most.
  • Applicants will not always receive the full amount they applied for
  • Successful applicants will be expected to participate in a PR campaign
  • All applicants will be notified within six weeks of the closing date
  • Evidence of the funds being used for the purpose requested will be expected


  1. How can I apply?
    Applications to the Locala Community Fund can be submitted online or by post.

  2. How much can I apply for?
    Between £100 and £1000, though we require an itemised breakdown of the full cost of the project for your application to be considered by.

  3. Who can apply?
    Not-for-profit community groups or voluntary organisations (not branches of national charities)

  4. What types of things can my group apply for?
    Anything from equipment to running/building costs. We cannot accept applications retrospectively or reimburse costs for items already purchased, or provide funding towards one-off events.

  5. Can my group apply for running costs?
    Yes, for example rent, heat, light etc. however, we can only accept applications for long-term running costs, e.g. not a short-term quarterly period.

  6. If I'm asking for money to update a building, does my group have to own the building?
    Your group either needs to own the building, own the lease, or have at least 15 years left on the lease, if you are asking for money towards building or renovation costs or anything that will be a permanent unmovable fixture.

  7. Can I apply for funds to contribute towards a larger project?
    Yes, we will need to know what other money has been secured and what the Locala Community Fund donation would be used for.

  8. Can I apply for funds but not use them until a later date?
    We expect applicants to spend their award within six months of receipt.

  9. How long does it take to get a decision?
    If your application has been completed correctly and all required supporting documents have been received you should hear from us within six weeks of the closing date.

  10. Who decides whether my application is successful?
    Once all applications have been received, Locala members and Locala Members' Council will review the applications and allocate funds to those projects that provide the most long-term benefits to the local community and inspire them the most.

  11. Do groups always get the full amount they apply for?
    No, we may only have enough funds to make a smaller donation towards the project.

Community Fund Stories

Locala awards up to a total of £10,000 every year to local groups, projects and not for profit charities. Last year, one of our grants contributed over £4500 to 12 different community projects from Kirklees, Calderdale and Bradford. Below shows the 12 groups Locala considered to be the most deserving of the grant:

Organisation NameAmount AwardedWhat did they put their money towards?
Crisis Pregnancy Care£1000Towards paying a staff member
Batley Old People’s Centre£500Towards furniture for the centre
Grow Big£485Towards training sessions for sensory play
Incredible Farm£360Towards the purchase of a marquee
West End Park Girls FC£300Towards football equipment
Gomersal and Cleckheaton Junior FC£300Towards football equipment
Bradford PHAB Club£300Towards arts & crafts
Creative Stroke Recovery Group£300Towards arts & crafts for stroke survivors
Bradley and Colnebridge Cricket Club£300Towards outdoor training facilities
Yetton Together£300Towards a new floor
Mount Cricket Club £250Towards new cricket balls
Savile Town Cricket Club£250Towards new cricket Balls

Crisis Pregnancy Care provides counselling for women who experience complications while baring a child. The organisation is highly dependent on donations and receives no government funding. Valerie from Crisis Pregnancy Care mentioned the "£1000 grant from Locala was most helpful as it payed toward the annual salary of one member of staff" who helps run the organisation.

Joe, a trustee from Batley's Old People Centre, said the support from Locala was "essential to the establishment of the centre." It largely contributed to new furniture like comfortable seating which improved well-being for many of the attendees of the centre.

The Community Fund was set-up four years ago and has so far awarded over £30,000 to local community groups, initiatives and projects to date.


If you would like further information or a form to be sent in the post:

Tel:  030 3330 9802

Email: membership@locala.org.uk