Children's Speech and Language - Communication - NORTH ONLY

For Childrens Services in Huddersfield please contact the children’s therapy department on 01484 344299

Please note if you are making a referral for a child age 5 and over please ensure that you are able to provide evidence of support in school in line with the Kirklees Graduated Approaches (Quality First Teaching) e.g. MSP, IEP, Provision map. If you have any questions about making this referral please contact us.

Please ensure that all attached information is GDPR compliant. The referral will be not be accepted if not compliant.


Children's SLT - Communication

Child's details
If contact details are incorrectly input where mandatory the referral cannot be processed
Overseas visitor?
Is an interpreter needed for the parent / carer / child?*
Parents / carers consent to:*
Without referral consent the referral will not be accepted

Without access to the child’s medical record, we will be extremely limited in what care we can offer and this may affect the child's progress
Referral details
Has the child previously been referred to SLT?*
Reason for referral
Please provide as much detail about the child’s areas of difficulty as possible to help us process this referral accurately
Please note referrals for ‘voice’ are only accepted if the child has been seen by ENT for this concern.

Please note if we do not receive evidence the referral may not be accepted

Please note completing this referral is not automatic acceptance of the referral by our service. The referral form will now be forwarded to the Speech & Language Therapy Team for consideration and you will be notified of the outcome

If you do not receive an email acknowledgement your referral has not been submitted. Please check that all details are correct, mandatory fields completed and re-submit.