Breaking Stereotypes

Locala young people's network, Batley girls school and the creative and media studio school in Huddersfield teamed up to create a video on breaking stereo types. This was a fun project that the young people led and developed from start to finish. They aimed to create a message that no one should be treated differently because of culture, appearance, age, gender and hobbies. I think you will agree that this has been a success! Well done to all involved.

Annual Members Meeting 2015

Here are speaches from two of our members, Chloe Brown and Aswad Khalid.

Takeover Challenge

Because Locala has made a commitment to Young people we thought that the Takeover Challenge led by the Children’s commissioners would be a fun way to invite young people into our organisation.

The project offers young people an insight into a working role and allows them to make decisions and take control. Roles such as Receptionists, school nursing, training mentors, chairing meetings, and clinics where taken over!

Tea & Tech in Batley

This week I am delighted to say we launched Tea and Tech in Batley. The intergenerational project brings old and young together to share skills and experiences. In North Kirklees we have partnered with Kirklees Neighbourhood housing to promote technology. On Tuesday evening five members of Locala's youth network arrived at Wellington Court in Batley raring to go whilst five older ladies were sat in the lounge area waiting anxiously. The aim of this project was for the young people to share their skills using digital technology. We offered the Maximising Independence training to the young people to prepare them and offer an understanding of how we hoped each of the sessions would work. It was vital that these sessions were gentle and non-directive. Each session is led by the older person. Buddying up offers the opportunity for the young person and the older person to connect over a three week period. The sessions are not planned but simply led by the older persons interests and enthusiasm with the added bonus of the young person's developing aim to build confidence and raise their awareness of what a 'tablet' does and can do!

If you are interested in joining this project please email Emma can offer you evidence to compliment your portfolio and records of achievement.

Check out a neat short video highlighting what we did in our project!

Annual Members' Meeting took place on

Tuesday 20 October 2015

A well-attended event that Locala organise every year. This event offers an interactive opportunity for members to see and experience what Locala has to offer. A time to celebrate community!

This year was extremely special to Locala’s Youth Network. Aswad and Chloe gave a speech to the crowds which really impacted on Colleagues and members from across Kirklees. Nearly every evaluation form gave positive and inspirational comments linked to the young people.