Most people, young people as well as adults, feel low, sad or `blue’ occasionally, this is a normal reaction to experiences that are stressful or upsetting. These emotions often bring mental and physical challenges.

This month we have chosen to focus on the topics, Exam stress and Anxiety. If you would like to help us to raise awareness and offer self-help resources for any other topics please get in touch……

Here are some resources gathered from our very own Young Peoples network, we hope these ideas help you around exam time.

The best way to deal with exam stress it to be prepared and revise. The more prepared you are the more confident and less nervous you will be. Start revising with plenty of time before exams so you don't run out of time and get stressed. Remember that in the end you are doing the exam for ‘you’ so don't let others put too much pressure on you. If you are feeling stressed talk to someone, whether it’s a friend or a parent etc. Sometimes it helps just to tell someone. You will probably find that you’re not the only one worried! If you find it hard to concentrate for long periods of time take regular short breaks. Schedule how long you want to spend on each topic so you don't end up staying up all night Get lots of sleep as this will help you retain your knowledge and help you concentrate. Organise a study group or go to a revision class if you have trouble concentrating, surely revision is more fun with friends! To mix it up and keep it fresh use a range of revision techniques such as making posters, flash cards etc. Take your time in exams, don't panic. Find out your examiner and get a revision guide. Practice exam questions and the exam technique. To mix it up and keep it fresh use a range of revision techniques such as making posters, flash cards etc.

Top tips to cope with Anxiety:

1. Remember to focus on the moment; nothing in the future has happened yet. It can't hurt you if it hasn't happened yet.

2. It isn't the be all and end all. There's always a responsible way out - find it.

3. Take time out of your schedule to evaluate and rest your mind. Time off is the key to success.

4. Talk to someone. A problem shared is a problem halved - cheesy but very true.

5. Breathe. Hold it for a few seconds. Breathe again.

6. Recognise that any problem we will ever face, will meet it's end. Life goes on.

7. Regularly do the things you love; meet up with friends, read a good book or watch your favourite TV show.

8. Treat yourself. Even if just to a nice, hot bath or hot chocolate to relax. Make you happy before anyone elsie. Do what makes you happy.

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