Why is appearance such a major thing now a days, so much more than it was 10 years ago?

Well this month we are going to tell you!

Everywhere we look we see models, actors and actresses whom we say "oh wow! They have the perfect body".

So what’s to blame?

Images we grow up with.

There are lots of dolls and toys that youngsters play with which portray what we should look like, what is beautiful and what is acceptable. Youngsters grow up to think that this type of appearance is the norm.

The media.

As well as images shared in magazines. Ten years ago magazines wouldn’t promote celebrities 'perfect bodies' that many do today. There is a lot of pressure put on us to look good.

We can also say that improvements and how technology is used is a big factor to the way we think about a ‘perfect body' because many magazines use things like photo shop to change the appearance of how a model looks before posting it in their magazines or onto social media. They create what they view as perfect, what is perfect and who are they to decide this!! ?

For girls

Negative body image becomes a problem when:

  • You think about your appearance at the expense of other activities
  • You avoid social situations, workplaces or relationships because of the way you look
  • You believe you can only feel confident or be happy by changing the way you look
  • You believe that the way you look is preventing you from taking part in certain activities
  • You worry excessively about your appearance
  • You repeatedly check your appearance
  • You consistently use very heavy make-up
  • You refuse to leave the house without make-up on

For boys:

Can you relate to any of these things?

  • teasing in childhood and adolescence (being called too thin, too weak or too fat)
  • peer pressure among teenage boys to be physically ‘tough’ and ‘strong’
  • a cultural tendency to judge people on their appearance
  • the emphasis on male sports players as role models for boys
  • advertising campaigns and media coverage featuring idealised male images
  • promotion by society of the ‘ideal’ man as always being strong, lean and muscular
  • Well-meaning public health campaigns that urge people to lose weight.

Selfies and social media expectations!

We all know the stereotypes us young people currently face and we still face today, especially those around your figure and the 'perfect body'. We always question if we look good enough and fit in with the 'norm'. We are constantly checking ourselves when we take a selfie or when we walk past a mirror. I think most of us delete and retake a picture before posting on top social media sites if we don’t look quite right. We can’t help it!?

Be your own kind of perfect

Am I pretty? Am I skinny?

Will I be complimented or

will this broken body of mine

be hidden behind a closed door?


Constantly thinking I am not

good enough; being beaten down.

Trying to rise from the dry turf,

and trying ... trying not to frown.


Now understand that was a year

ago, things have changed since then. I 

cannot say it was one moment

that changed my mind. But now, I fly.


I decide what makes me pretty,

weight is just a number. I say

the positive and on bad days

I concentrate, make the bad go away.