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Promoting equality and diversity:

You may have already seen Natalie McMillan, Associate Director of Workforce's blog post about the first Equality and Diversity Working Group meeting. If you haven't we are looking for front-line colleague members to get involved. The plan is to meet monthly, to look at how Locala is performing in terms of equality and diversity across our patients, community and workforce. You can be as involved as you wish but we need to hear a range of views and voices so if you are keen to ensure that at Locala we look after all our people (patients and colleagues) as individuals, then this is a perfect chance to influence how we do this and be part of it. If you would like to find out more information, or register your interest, please email:


Charities, Colleague Survey, Membership and Volunteering Working Groups:

As part of Locala's drive to get members more actively involved, we would like to invite colleague members to join our Members' Council working groups, where you will really be given the opportunity to make a difference! Want to get more involved? Find out about the groups below:


1. Charities Working Group

The Charities Working Group meet twice a year, to review applications for the Locala Community Fund and decide which projects they think are most deserving of financial support. Through the Locala Community Fund we’ve supported 60 local community groups and we hope to support many more groups in the future. Please note, there are only two colleague spaces available on this group, if there is a high level of interest names will be drawn from a hat and rotated for each round of funding.


2. Colleague Survey Working Group

The Colleague Survey Working Group meet four times a year, to identify priority areas arising from Locala’s annual colleague survey and quarterly pulse surveys. Alongside analysis of the results, the group decide on a list of actions going forward and agree on the theme for future pulse surveys.


3. Membership Development Working Group

The Membership Development Working Group meet six times a year, to look at ways of defining and spreading key messages about what it means to be a member of Locala, the benefits of being a member and how to develop community and colleague membership in the future. The working group discuss areas such as ‘Membership having a voice’ and have explored the idea of developing a future rewards system for colleagues.


4. Volunteering Working Group

The Volunteering Working Group were involved in the development of a Volunteering Strategy in 2013 and contributed to the processes and design of the volunteering programme. Following the recruitment of a Volunteering Services Manager, the group meet six times a year to monitor the actions of the Volunteering Strategy and discuss future developments to the programme.

We want our members to ‘be part of it’ and get the most out of their membership; by getting involved in the working groups outlined above you really can make a difference.

If you would like to register your interest, please email: and include a few sentences telling us why you'd like to get involved and what experiences you can bring to the group.


Kind regards


Sarah Peacock

Membership Liaison Officer