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Living in Dewsbury Moor, I’m a member of Locala’s target clientele. I use a variety of NHS services regularly, so feel that I can represent Locala’s patients.

My regular work is in Local Government in Leeds, where I manage the spend of tens of millions of pounds each year. I thoroughly understand the kind of budget pressure that Locala has been facing ever since its incorporation.

I’ve been a Community Council Member since Locala became a CIC, and I am thrilled to have taken an active part in helping to mould Locala into its current form. This participation has involved:

  • interviewing and appointing Non-Executive Directors and Auditors
  • participating in rapid-improvement event
  • interviewing and appointing charity partner
  • defining Locala’s values, its aims, its place in our community, and its charitable activity

I support Locala’s continuing “Digital Journey” allied to its very caring ethos. I believe that supporting Locala to develop this project will lead to significant improvements in how people are cared-for in our area.

We’re all aware of the current crisis of confidence in our National Health Service. I believe that initiatives pioneered by Locala will help improve confidence in our community healthcare system.