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Esta Vincent

I am a Breast Feeding Peer Supporter, I am one of the first members of the Parent Liaison Group and I am a mum of three young children. Given these I feel I am “qualified” to become more involved with the upper levels of Locala. I feel I know a little about Locala from my involvement with breast feeding peer supporting and the Parent Liaison Group.  I am also a mum so can give my experience of Locala Children’s services to the Council. I hope to be able to input into the volunteer strategy as part of the Volunteering Working Group, given my experience as a Locala Volunteer.

In addition, I have a Chemistry degree, I am a Chartered Accountant and I have organised numerous sized events and committees over the course of my career.  I would say I am quite analytical and like to think things through before giving an opinion, but I will listen to all sides of a discussion before giving a balanced opinion.