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I started working for the NHS in 2001 within the Public Health department raising awareness around Heart Disease and Diabetes. In this role, I trained to be a Smoking Cessation advisor and in 2003 went on to become a Specialist advisor working for the Stop Smoking Specialist Service. In 2012 I started and continue to work in the Transformation team working with services to facilitate change and work with them to explore and develop creative and  innovative solutions to the challenges presented. This involves reviewing current processes to determine an improved and efficient method of service delivery ensuring that we utilise all the resources that are available, for example technology. Earlier this year I graduated from the University of Bradford successfully  completing an MSc in Leadership, Management and Change in Health and Social Care.

I chose to stand for election to make a difference, by playing an active role in supporting the success and growth of Locala as a social enterprise. Being elected gives me the opportunity to represent my colleagues and their views for consideration in the development of Locala. As a Council Member, I really want to engage with colleagues and the wider community to promote the organisation, it’s values and be part of shaping it as a quality healthcare provider and an organisation where colleagues are proud to work.