You Said, We Did

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Locala is committed to the continual innovation and improvement of its services and we actively encourage feedback from service users on how we can better deliver these services in and for the community.

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Children's Community Services

Children's Community Services

"You Said": Your Health Visitor appointment booking system is inefficient and I am unable to book an appointment at a time to suit me...

"We Did": ...We altered the appointment system so that you can book a time there and then and it be entered straight into the Health Visitor's diary.


"You Said": Your School Nurses didn't contact me after my child fainted following their immunisation and I had to hear about it from other School children...

"We Did": ...We have extended our duty of care after immunisations, and also our responsibilities in making sure either we or the school contact you following such a reaction.


"You Said": Your Family Nurse Partnership service is difficult to effectively engage with...

"We Did": ...We changed venues, adapted group sessions, developed team dynamics and now offer one-to-one sessions at Patient's homes.


"You Said": My Child's circumstances changed during the 3 months of giving consent for immunisations and actually receiving them...

"We Did": ...We have implemented a text service that reminds parents a couple of days beforehand so that the team can be informed of a change in circumstance.


"You Said": that the thing that was good about your appointment was that there "was no blood test" (child aged 5).

"We Did": Understand that this was something that children worry about, so now we tell children at the start of their appointment whether they will need a blood test or not so that they can stop worrying about it.

Adult's Community Services

Adult's Community Services

"You Said": My home stock of bandages is not being properly controlled by your Community Nurse and this has led to low levels which could not be replenished over the weekend...

"We Did": ...Our Community Nurses have shared this learning at team meetings and now ensure that stock control is maintained and empty packaging is disposed of.


"You Said": Your MSK service has still not contacted me as to when I can expect an appointment and when I rung the service I was told that first appointment had an even longer waiting time than the information stated in your letter.

"We Did": Our MSK service now has an additional Physiotherapist, which will mean more available appointments, as well as an Administrator to enable the service to better manage and inform Patients of their appointment times.


"You Said": "Your services at Holme Valley Memorial Hospital aren't widely publicised enough within the Hospital and I would like to learn more about them."

"We Did": "We have installed additional notice boards with information regarding our services, and have better utilised existing notice boards with newly updated patient information leaflets."

Doctors, Dentists and Walk In Centres

Doctors, Dentists and Walk In Centres

"You Said": Your premises were too warm and there was no refreshment, which affected how long I was willing to wait for an appointment at a Walk In Clinic...

"We Did": ...we are discussing with NHS Property Services ways to make our premises more comfortable and provide water at many of our locations where practical.