Working with Locala

Colleague and patient stories

Colleague story

Natasha White

Governance and Risk Officer (3/4 weeks)

I previously worked at NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and at the time of seeing the vacancy for Locala’s Governance and Risk Officer, I was not actively seeking a new role. However due to the ongoing uncertainty of the CCG’s merging with the Integrated Care System by April 2022, I thought I would submit an application to see ‘what Locala was about’.

I was most pleasantly surprised by the kindness, generosity and willingness to listen to what I wanted out of role, not just explicitly what the role wanted from me. There was a community feel and a togetherness teamed up with a readiness to develop me which I had not experienced before which convinced me Locala is the right choice for me.

My experience through the recruitment process was overall very good. I was kept well informed and was kept in touch on a regular basis.  

My first day at Locala was wonderful.

Firstly, the information provided of what to expect on the day and ‘how to get to Locala’ was very informative.

As I arrived at Locala, I was greeted warmly and showed to the induction room. The building has recently been updated and to be able to have a workplace which is clean and modern is refreshing and attractive. Despite the uncertain times we find ourselves in during Covid-19, Locala does have safe and clean spaces. It is so reassuring and I was convinced even more, Locala is the right choice for me. I had the pleasure of meeting my line manger on my first day as she took the time to attend Head Office to meet and have a socially distanced lunch with me. Little touches like that go a long way.

My first week went by so quickly! I met so many helpful, friendly and varied amount of colleagues. I felt welcomed by everyone I spoke to and they gave me the assurance and confidence to be able to ask questions. I am excited for the future and know I can offer my skills and expertise to build on the brilliant work done so far. From so early on, I feel proud to work for Locala.

Colleague story

Since my employment began with Locala on 13th May 2021, I have been blown away by the organisation. From the thorough HR processes before I could start, to the induction plan in place for my first few weeks, everything has felt extremely smooth and organised. I have had the opportunity to have calls and meetings with multiple colleagues from different departments and everyone has been so professional and welcoming. I appreciated that my line manager made such an effort to help me understand how Locala works by introducing me to a variety of colleagues. My line manager has given me so much support, without being overbearing. She seems to be someone who will push me and mentor me to succeed. I highly respect her and feel really lucky to be working in her team.

Coming from a previous role of working in a micro-managed environment, Locala has been a breath of fresh air. The pressure and stress I was under at times, often for unnecessary reasons, has now gone away. I am so much more productive, motivated and eager to work when I am given the space to do my job, which is what I get in my current role. I have the support if needed, but otherwise I am trusted and empowered to manage my service and team appropriately. I am feeling extremely positive about my future in this organisation.