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Feedback from Volunteers

"I feel really lucky that my volunteering work has helped a great deal in securing a part time job with my local nursing home. It's a job I know I will love and my experience with Maple Ward will prove invaluable."
Befriender, Maple Ward (now left due to being offered paid employment)

"We had a mum come a few weeks ago who'd been told about us by her friend, and another mum with a 6 day old baby who'd been referred to us by her midwife - it was great to be able to give them some support" Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, Mothercare Baby Bistro

"I would like to thank you and everyone on the ward for being so welcoming and making my time there so rewarding. The year and a bit that I have volunteered has had a significant impact on me and has made it clear to me, that a career in the medical profession is something I want to pursue. I've been given an offer to study medicine at Edinburgh University and i feel the experience I have gained from volunteering on the ward will put me in good stead."
Befriender, Maple Ward

“I have really enjoyed volunteering at the Walk in Centre for the past 6 months and I am going to really miss it. Damian and the staff have been wonderful. It has been a great experience and challenge. I have learnt a lot, a big THANK YOU for everything.”
Patient Helper, Walk in Centre

“I’m really enjoying my volunteer role, especially because I can ask the nurses about their career pathway into nursing whilst I’m here. I’m learning so much more than I expected!”
Patient Helper/Supporter, Walk in Centre

"I'm really enjoying it. I didn't think I'd enjoy it so much! This is allowing me the interaction I need in preparation for my children's nursing career which I'm hoping to go into. I like helping people out and knowing I've made a difference."
Meeter & Greeter, Mirfield Baby Bistro

"I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your support and guidance during the time I have volunteered with Locala; it's been a great experience and you have made the whole process of applying, starting my role and continuing with it so much better than it already was. Volunteering has given me a lot and has help loads with my application to study Medicine at university - I've had interviews at all of the places I applied to and have discussed volunteering in both my written application and with the interviewers. Today I got an offer from Birmingham and no doubt my volunteering has had a part to play in that!"
Patient Helper/Supporter, Walk in Centre

“I’ve had a brilliant experience volunteering with Locala and the service was excellent. The team were supportive and helpful. I am not sure if I will be able to volunteer with Locala in the future (due to going to university), but one of my long term goals is to work for Locala.” Patient Helper/Supporter, Dewsbury Health Centre

Feedback from Colleagues

“We now have nearly a full complement of volunteers within the Walk in Centre providing support to our team 7 days a week. They are there to do the important things such as obtaining feedback and making sure we have enough supplies to last out the shift, but they also give us something else - time.

Time to see those patients, to make sure their care is of the highest standard and that they’re happy.  How do we know they’re happy? The volunteers ensure we get the feedback from them, going to great lengths to obtain it!

So far our team has managed to support two volunteer colleagues in their applications for university. This two-way street has provided Locala with a great team, but potentially some future colleagues; in years to come, after they’ve completed their university training, I have a sneaking suspicion those people who are now looking at universities will be looking to Locala for employment, and I for one will be happy to welcome them.”
Clinical Team Leader, Walk-in Centre, Dewsbury District Hospital

“The volunteer patient helpers/supporters at Cleckheaton Health Centre have been a fantastic help since they started volunteering and are very popular with patients and staff. Some people want help checking in or general assistance and others just want a chat. Patients are very happy to see them and look for them each week. They help with the notice boards and patient opinion and can’t seem to do enough for patients. It creates a nice ambience in the Health Centre. The reception staff appreciate their being here as it assists us greatly.”
Administrative Support Assistant, Cleckheaton Health Centre