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What is volunteering at Locala all about?

Volunteering at Locala is all about giving your time to do something useful, without getting paid (apart from travel expenses). In return, you get the satisfaction of knowing you're making a difference to someone's life. In addition, volunteering at Locala can be a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and gain useful experience. It should also be fun!

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers have a variety of roles within Locala, ranging from befriending, supporting new breastfeeding mums, meeting and greeting to assisting therapy staff with rehabilitation.

Is there a typical Locala volunteer?

No! Anyone can apply to volunteer for us as long as they are at least 16 years old. There is no upper age limit.

Can I volunteer if I'm on benefits?

Yes if:

  • The only money you receive from volunteering is to cover expenses, such as travel costs
  • You continue to meet the conditions of the benefit you receive

How long does a placement usually last?

This varies, but there is an element of commitment which will be agreed between you and your allocated supervisor. As a volunteer you are free to leave whenever you wish, but if things don't work out, or your circumstances change, it's good to talk things through with your allocated supervisor or the Volunteer Services Manager, and give them as much notice as possible.

Will I get my expenses?

Locala will pay reasonable out-of-pocket expenses within the Kirklees boundary, as long as you hand in your receipts. These can include mileage, car parking, public transport fares or meals (if you are volunteering for 6 hours or longer).

Will there be DBS checks for volunteers?

It depends on the nature of the volunteer's role but it will be 'yes' if the placement involves working with children or vulnerable adults.

What can I expect from Locala as a volunteer?

Before you start volunteering you can expect to have a clear idea of what your role will be. Once you start you will receive an induction and support, with appropriate training if necessary.

Do I need any specific skills or experience to volunteer for Locala?

This will depend on the sort of role you do. Everyone can volunteer, whatever their skills, experience or background, but some placements may require specific skills or experience.

Will I be able to get a reference?

Yes, either your allocated supervisor or the Volunteer Services Manager will be able to provide a reference as long as you have volunteered for a minimum of 3 months for Locala. Please be aware we can only provide references for a period of up to 12 months after your leaving date.

What happens once I submit my application form?

Our Volunteer Services Manager will be in touch with you to acknowledge receipt of your application.  They will check through your application to make sure you have completed it in full and meet the criteria for the role you’ve applied for.  They will also check to see if there are any vacant shifts that match the availability you give on your application.

At that point they will then forward your application onto the team member allocated to the role you’ve applied for and be back in touch with you as quickly as possible to arrange an informal interview.