The Data Protection Act (1998) (the Act) sets out certain requirements for the protection of your personal information against unauthorised use of disclosure.  The Act also gives you certain rights.  As part of your volunteering application, you consent for Locala Community Partnerships to use and keep this information about you, provided by you or third parties, such as referees, relating to your application.

Such information may include details relating to your health or ethnic origin.  If your application is unsuccessful, or you choose not to become a volunteer, then the information will not be held for longer than is necessary, after which time it will be destroyed.  However, some relevant information may be retained in the longer term to facilitate our equal opportunities monitoring.

If your application is successful, the information will form part of your file and we will be entitled to process it for all purposes in connection with your voluntary activities.

Fair Processing Information Notice

This notice is given to volunteers so that Locala Community Partnerships can comply with its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 (The Act).  Locala Community Partnerships needs to keep information about you for purposes connected with your voluntary service, including your application.  The sort of information we will hold will relate to your voluntary activities with the organisation.  It will include information for expenses, references, contact names and addresses, training and health records, and information about the activities you have undertaken and where.  We believe these uses are consistent with the principles of the Act.  The information we hold will be for our management and administrative use only, but we may, from time to time, need to disclose some information we hold about you to relevant third parties (e.g. where legally obliged to do so or where requested to do so by you for the purposes of giving a reference).  

We would seek your consent to do so, prior to disclosing any information where necessary.  We may also keep information about your health for the purposes of: compliance with our health and safety obligations; for considering how your health affects your ability to do volunteer activities and, if you are disabled, any adjustments to be made to assist you.  If you have provided it, the organisation keeps information about your racial or ethnic origin and disability status for the purpose of monitoring the provision of equal opportunities.  If you need to know what information is kept about you then the organisation will tell you and explain why it is kept.