As a social enterprise we’re keen to make sure we’re as transparent as possible. We’ve published our annual audited accounts on our website as soon as they have been approved by the Locala Board each year. These have had to include the overall amount our directors are paid and the figure for the highest paid director. The Board wanted to provide more information for the public and so you’ll find here their current salaries and also the expenses that they’ve claimed – these are for out of pocket costs incurred for undertaking their work and are claimed in line with the NHS Agenda for Change Terms and Conditions.

Below are the salaries of all Board members as at March 2017 and their expenses for 2016/17.

Name Title Annual Salary (£) Total Expenses (£)
Robert Flack Chief Executive 120,000 1,821
Christina Quinn Director of Clinical and Operational Services 90,000 155
Christopher Reeve Director of Corporate Affairs and Company Secretary 85,000 0
Natalie McMillan Interim Chief Executive and Director of Workforce, OD and Transformation 100,000 1,119
Sharon Lowrie Director of Finance and Performance 90,000 523
Jane Close Director of Operations 90,000 560
Mark Sanders Chair 25,000 0
Malcolm Rogers Non-Executive Director 10,000 1,033
Diane McKerracher Non-Executive Director 10,000 0
Julie Bolus Non-Executive Director 10,000 0
Mike Richards Non-Executive Director 10,000 0

NB: The remuneration of the Chair is based on working 9 days a month, and for the Non-Executive Directors is based on 3.5 days a month.

Expenses are claimable in line with NHS Agenda for Change Terms and Conditions. The above figures relate to the total expenses claimed in the 2016/17 period.