Our Governance Arrangements

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The Articles of Association (Constitution) of Locala are supported by a structure and systems for decision making and scrutiny. These are set out in the Governance Map. The Board of Directors and Members' Council are central to this ensuring we are running our Business as effectively as possible. There are other, more detailed mechanisms that support governance but the Governance Map highlights the key elements, including a brief explanation of each meeting. At the top of this governance structure are:

The Members' Council - This is a key element in our approach to being a social enterprise. It's a group made up largely of Shareholder Members (Colleagues) and Community Members. It also has 4 co-opted Members - 2 GPs and 2 local Councillors. Its role and function are described in more detail on the Members' Council section.

Locala Board - This is where Executive Directors and their Non-Executive counterparts meet to manage the affairs of Locala and provide strategic direction for the future.

Board Sub committees - The Locala Board have delegated some of its responsibilities to sub committees. Committee members are Non Executive Directors.

  • The Audit and Risk Committee provides independent scrutiny across all aspects of Locala's business.
  • The Finance, Performance & Quality Committee ensures Locala is on track to meet its targets regarding quality of care, activity levels and financial performance.
  • The Nominations and Remuneration Committee is primarily responsible for appointing Executive Directors and setting their salaries.

The Organisational Chart gives an overview of our operational structure.

Locala's Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy can be found here.