LCF Application Form

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Application Form

Section 1 - Criteria
In order to qualify for a donation/grant your group must meet the following criteria: Please tick all boxes to confirm you meet the requirements. My group:
Is a not for profit organisation, community or voluntary group (not a local branch of a national charity)*
Has been in existence for at least one year*
Has an annual income of less than £30k*
Has written constitution or governing documents*
Has our own bank account (Locala is unable to pay cheques to individuals)*
Works for the benefit of the community in Kirklees/Calderdale/Bradford
Has a health, wellbeing, environmental or community focus*
Is led by volunteers*
Is requesting £1000 or less*
Is happy to participate in publicity if an award is granted*
Has a safeguarding policy*
Section 2 - Organisation
Are you a not for profit organisation?*
A community/voluntary group?*
Section 3 - Your Project
Section 4 - Financial Information
Section 5 - Declaration
The person completing this form and an independent referee must sign the form below We confirm that the information on the form is correct and if a Locala Community Fund grant is awarded it will be used for the purpose detailed in this application. We understand that we will need to provide any additional documentation upon request. We understand that we will be liable to repay the grant if it is discovered that any of the information is incorrect or the monies awarded are not used as indicated on this form. We understand that if a grant is awarded we may be asked by Locala to publicise the project as well as provide information on the impact of the award to our organisation. We agree to display the Locala Community Fund logo on our website and/or on selected literature.
Independent Reference