Muscles, Joints & Bones

Our Musculoskeletal Service (MSK) offers assessment and treatment in our clinics at Dewsbury Health Centre and Moorfield Clinic Huddersfield. We offer an alternative for patients who would otherwise have to attend a busy orthopedic department in hospital.

Conditions Treated

  • Arthritis
  • Neck and back pain e.g. nerve root entrapment
  • Ligament and muscle tears
  • Tendon pathologies e.g. tennis elbow


Ninety percent of all patients referred to us receive care within our service. Where treatment is required elsewhere patients will be referred to an appropriate hospital and consultant of their choice.


How to get an appointment

You will need to visit your GP for a referral. Once referred, you will receive a letter with an appointment to see one of our MSK Practitioners.

Dewsbury Health Centre

MSK North - 030 3003 4389

Monday - Friday, we start at 8.30am with some evening sessions.

030 3330 9141 (Main Reception)

Moorfield MSK (Reception Fartown Health Centre)
030 3330 9994

MSK Holme Valley Memorial Hospital
030 3330 9689

Patient Opinion

If you'd like to speak to someone about your Patient Opinion posting please contact - 030 300 34529 Option 1

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