Members Council

What is the Members' Council?

The Members' Council is a group of elected and appointed Members of Locala who represent the interests of Locala's Members. It consists of 10 Staff Members, 6 Community Members' (members of the public) and 4 appointed members (two Local Authority Councillors and two GPs).

They meet approximately 4 times a year including an Annual General Meeting of Members.

What does the Members' Council do?

The Members' Council has a very important role in the governance of Locala which includes the following duties:

  1. It appoints or removes the Chair and Non-Executive Directors of Locala
  2. It decides the remuneration, allowances and other terms of office of the Chair and Non-Executive Directors
  3. It works with the Board of Locala in the preparation of Locala's strategy and future plans
  4. It appoints or removes the auditor of Locala

The Members' Council is a way of making sure Locala is heading in the right direction and is acting in the best interests of patients and their families, the local community and staff.

Who can be part of the Members' Council?

Community Members - Anyone who is a Community Member can nominate themselves for election to one of the 6 Community Member seats on the Council.

Staff Members - Any permanent employee of Locala who has joined as a Staff Member can nominate themselves for one of the 10 Staff Member seats.

Co-opted Members - The Staff and Community Members will invite and appoint individuals onto the Council to fill the 4 Co-opted seats.

How do I nominate myself to be on the Members' Council?

Elections to the Members' Council are held every year, usually in the summer.  There are two Community Member seats available each year; we will announce election dates to all Members by email well in advance with instructions on how to nominate yourself if you wish to do so. If you're interested, make sure you have signed up to become a Member of Locala.

What if I don't want to be on the Members' Council but I still want to get involved?

As long as you have signed up to become a Member of Locala, you can get involved by voting for the Community Member you want to represent you on the Members' Council. Each year before the election date, we will email you with details of each Community candidate so you can decide who you want to vote for. Elections will take place online and details of elections and candidates will be updated in the News section of this website. 

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